Thursday, July 07, 2005

Never have I ever...

Talking about the Real World the other day, and how I've never kissed a girl, got me thinking about what other things I haven't done. You know, things that would seem everyone, or a lot of people, have done. And I've not avoided these things on purpose, they've just never come up. Here's a partial list (what I can think of right now)
I have never:
-Eaten at Denny's.
-Watched any of the Godfather movies.
-Bungee jumped or skydived.
-Gone on vacation and slept with a local.
-Pierced anything but my ears.
-Worked as a waitress. (it would be a disaster-they work very hard, and I am very clumsy)
-Been a part of a 3 way or attended a sex party.
-Traveled to Canada.
-Ice skated outside (just at indoor rinks)

What haven't you done?

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