Tuesday, July 05, 2005

The Bombs Bursting In Air...

Every Independence Day we would drive downtown along with a half million other people and sit in traffic to watch the public fireworks. Then we moved here, across the state line, and our lives changed. Fireworks are legal in my state. Our neighbors take this seriously. Last night we were treated to a show that lasted over an hour. At least 5 different households spent an insane amount of money at Big Daddy's Fireworks Castle. It was amazing. We sat out on the back deck eating hamburgers and strawberry pie and watching the sky above the pond out back as our neighbors battled it out. It blew me away. I tried to take some pictures but it's hard to time them. Click to enlarge the pics. And I was too busy being a kid again ooohing and aaahhhing. The kids next door would yell out "We like that one!" and "More sparkly ones!". So cute. Each holiday it escalates. These people set off fireworks for New Years, Halloween, random Wednesdays, you name it. We can't wait for next year!
Ike and Kea preferred it indoors- a/c and no loud noises for us thank you!

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