Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Al Fresco

We had our first dinner out on the deck this weekend. The candles were one of my first IKEA purchases ever. Just 5 bucks and this candle holder can form a circle or a straight or wavy line, whatever. So cool. It fits perfectly around the umbrella pole in the outside table. Jon's parents came over and we grilled out burgers. We tend to chat a bit so dinner ran late. It was a little dark, but we could still see a bit of what we were eating. While having dinner my inlaws proposed something to us they had been planning/looking in to and wondered if we'd be up for it. So all mothers out there, esp adoptive mothers bringing babies home from China, I need your advice. Jon's parents want us to change our return trip plans. So instead of coming straight home from China to the mainland, we'd meet them in Hawaii and spend a few days there. My first thought was hell yeah I'm all in, and that would help Ling Ling (and us) with the whole time change thing. You know, she'd only have to adjust to a few hours difference at a time. But then I wonder if we shouldn't just come straight home. But then I think, we're already in the neighborhood and what other chance would we have to go to Hawaii esp. with it being a treat from our in-laws? So, what would you do?

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