Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Easy Breezy

It has been so gorgeous around here lately. The usual average temperature this time of year is 77 degrees and the last few weeks it's barely gotten over 73. We've had the windows open all the time and it's just been great.
We've got a busy month ahead of us. Saturday we're going to a wedding a couple of hours from here. Then Sunday is Mother's Day of course, so we'll be busy with the mamas. Monday we're hitting the road for a quickie trip, and it's also my Nanny's birthday (paternal grandmother). Then the 14th is my maternal grandmother's birthday. The 19th is my best friend Lisie's birthday! The 22nd marks 7 years that Jon and I have been together. The 24th is my sister Sara's birthday. Then Memorial Day. In the meantime I aim to have a job by the end of the month so we can get our application out to our adoption agency. (me working is not a requirement of the agency's, just a personal requirement). Oh, and we're waiting on my friend Michelle to hurry up and give birth to that baby already! =) Looks like I need to get out to Hallmark!

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