Sunday, May 29, 2005

Kicking it

The season finale of CSI sparked some conversation around here about ways we don't want to die. I've always had a top 3 list beyond the obvious: drowning, burning alive, murder, torture, smothering, starvation, attack by wild animal. If I had to choose of course I'd pick going to sleep and never waking up but beyond that I guess I'd go with freezing to death and carbon monoxide. Those seem harmless enough- well, other than the death part.
Lisa and I were rehashing the CSI season finale and I was telling her how stressed I was the whole time because I couldn't believe they actually combined two of my biggest ways to die fears into one show.

My top 3 ways I'm terrified of dying:
1. Being buried alive
2. Being eaten alive by ants (I hate to itch)
3. Driving down the highway behind a big truck carrying metal beams and the strap breaks and the beam comes through the window decapitating me and possibly any passengers (I woulnd't want my death to start a chain reaction where anyone else would be hurt or killed)

Sorry, I guess this is morbid talk. I don't think about it all the time or anything. Well, #3 comes up when I'm driving so I stay clear of any truck carrying long dangerous looking things. It's just something I know. I know my top 3 ways I don't want to die like I can rattle off the top 5 things I don't like to eat. (asparagus, oysters, capers, fish soup of any kind, and anything ending in wurst)
I know I can't be the only person who's thought of this can I? How don't you want to die?

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