Friday, May 20, 2005

I am an International Jackass

So we ordered Chinese take out again last night (this place not only has really great food but ridiculously cheap prices- like $4 for dinner so that's how we can afford to budget it in, plus they often give us freebies).
We get there and I go in and Amy is back from maternity leave. She's married to the main dude that works there, Jimshum. They just had their 2nd child, a girl named Katie- sister to Kevin. She's all excited to see me and says "my husband told me you're going to China to get a baby" and she had tons of questions. After we talked about that and she quizzed me on the little tiny few words of Chinese I've learned she asked where was my husband? I told her he was in the car waiting and asked about her husband, Jimshum. She looked at me funny then said he worked that morning and was at home. I said "Am I saying his name right? Jimshum? Jee um shuh um?" I made sure to say it loud and sound it out.
She said to me "No. His name is Jason."
OMG. I am such an ass. I've been calling him Jimshum on the phone, in person, in conversation, on the internet, for a year! Before I asked his name I just called him Excuse Me. I guess I just heard Jimshum when he said his name was Jason. How easy is Jason?? How can I screw that up? I mean, his wife's name is Amy, their kids are Kevin and Katie. WHY would he be Jimshum?? No wonder he always looked at me a little weird when I'd walk in and yell Hey Jimshum! like the jackass I am. He must think I have a major speech impediment and am not fit to raise a child from their country. Oh no, I hope he doesn't think I was making fun of him! I'm the laughing stock of the local Chinese community. I am so embarrassed.
I'm going to go paint a scarlet C on my chest now.

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