Friday, May 06, 2005


We were on our way to meet my MIL for lunch when she called Jon's phone. Seems she stopped at Office Depot on her way to lunch and while inside someone smashed her passenger window and stole her bookbag. Just a little tote with a couple of apples on it with a couple of books inside. So we met her in the parking lot and waited with her for the cops and my FIL to come. While we were waiting many people came in and out of the parking lot and being curious asked us lots of questions. My MIL even got her first "bless your heart". The police officer took a good hour to get there so some of the questions got repetitive. Then finally we were just laughing about them because even though they are the standard things you'd ask, people (and us) sometimes say things that sound silly as soon as they are said.
"Oh no did someone break into your car?" We broke out. Thank goodness. We were getting hungry.
"Did that just happen?".......Nah. Last Tuesday. We just like to come back and revisit the scene.
And my personal favorite:
"Did that happen here?".....No. It happened over at the Cracker Barrel. We brought the glass and scattered it here because we wanted to relive the whole experience.
The cop finally showed up and pulled into the parking lot. We all got out of my FIL's car (it was cold and windy) and I waved the cop over. He waved, circled around our cluster of cars, then proceeded to leave! My MIL ran after him and managed to bang on his trunk when he slowed down so finally he stopped.
What really got my attention was all the women who were shopping at Office Depot who asked about us. When we told them what happened literally every single one of them (about 5) and one man went back to their cars and got their purses (the man grabbed a bag and put it into his trunk). So every woman was leaving her purse in plain view in a parking lot! One lady hadn't even locked her car! She even told us (wallet in hand) that she always leaves her purse in the front seat! Be careful out there ladies!

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