Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Happy Birthday Little Sister!

Tuesday was my sister Sara's 29th birthday. The family all met up at Chuck E. Cheese (Sara's choice-for the boys). We ate lunch then she opened up her presents- Joey helped. You must click on that picture to enlarge it because his face is way too cute- he looks more excited than his mom is to be receiving a set of chip and dip party plates. What 4 month old wouldn't be? Jake had fun with all the little rides and things . Jon was still waking up. We all played a bunch of games and won those little tickets. So Jake walked out with a Tonka truck and that made his day.

After lunch we dropped the boys off at Sara's house then went to see the new house her and my BIL Marce are building. They have a great lot in a really good neighborhood that's close to all the conveniences they'll need. She then took me to another community so I could see the model of their particular home. Such a cute house. I can't wait for their house to be finished.

When we got news that Sara and Marc's current house finally sold! Woohoo! So we decided to stay for a celebratory dinner- Marc made wings mmmm, and we had cake as well while watching the final American Idol singing showdown. Jon and I finally got home a little past 11pm. Whew. Long day- but totally worth it. Happy Birthday Sara! xoxo

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