Saturday, May 14, 2005

Playing Catch Up

First, you know the drill, click on all pics to enlarge. Ok, now that we have that out of the way I can talk about this last week. Lots to tell you. First, the wedding on the 7th. Short, hot, no sign on the church so we almost blew right past it, ring bearer blew his nose through the whole ceremony. My sister yelled out "WE DO" at the wrong time- so funny. The parents were supposed to answer "we do" when asked if they'd help the couple stay holy or something and from behind me I hear Sara yell out with them. Then the minister asked the congregation if we'd help them stay holy and that was her cue. Ah well, something fun for the video. There was a little boy there who'd yell out "Yay!" throughout the ceremony- cute. The reception was next door and was really pretty. After making an appearance we went to Shealy's for some fabulous fried chicken and barbque, then headed home. Jake and Joey did great- it was a long day and a long 3 hour one way drive for them.

Monday afternoon Jon and I took a last minute road trip up to Baltimore. He wanted to see his Minnesota Twins play and that's the closest they come to our house. We literally did not know if we were going until right up to Monday and we had no idea how long we were staying until they released the pitching schedule. I am such a good wife. ;) We pulled in to Lisa's house at 1am Tuesday. After a little sleep we went to lunch, a market so Jon could get some Utz chips, then to Federal Hill park. We were enjoying the gorgeous day when we noticed a camera crew setting up just a few feet away. I took some secret spy pictures as we speculated who they were interviewing. Laura went and asked (duh) and it turned out to be Miguel Tejada! Turns out he's the short stop for the Orioles. So we got our pictures taken with him and even a few seconds of camera time. We went to the Tuesday night game with Lisa, Pete, Laura, and Brandon. It was a lot of fun and the weather was fantastic our whole trip.

Wednesday Jon and I went to the day game while everyone else worked. Again perfect weather and we had great seats. One thing we learned about the Orioles this trip is that the mascot doesn't have a name. How can you not name the bird? Let's go with Ollie or something! But nope, it's just the bird. Pete named him the Sh&% Pigeon and we're going with that.

Thursday morning we got up bright and early and headed home. We stopped at IKEA in Woodbridge for a few hours on the way. I can't even tell you how happy it makes me that Jon loves IKEA as much as I do. He would have never let me name Ike and Kea after IKEA otherwise. We didn't spend much, just stocked up on Jon's coffee (only $2.49 a lb!), and some straws, napkins, and a few other odds and ends. Everything was great until my credit card was declined at the check out. I couldn't believe it! I was so embarrassed! I had paid that Visa off last week. I called BofA from the car after paying with a Mastercard and losing my USAirways miles I would have gotten with the Visa. They had blocked our cards after noticing charges in states other that NC & SC. I appreciate the security but was still mad. The lady said "Well we called you at home." Lotta good that does us when WE AREN'T THERE! DUH WE'RE ON VACATION TRYING TO BUY A CLOTHES HAMPER! I talked to 394 people it seems at BofA and even got a little emotional pleading for my miles and telling them that my daughter is in China in an orphanage and DO YOU WANT ME TO GO CHILDLESS BECAUSE YOU BLOCKED MY CARD? Jon was laughing so hard, but it was the principle of the thing. Call my cell for the love of Jim (I can't say for the love of Pete anymore since I know one now)! I called IKEA and asked could they switch the purchase to the USAirways card and asked if they wanted Lingling to remain an orphan like BofA does but no one would help. I need those miles because Lord help us if we have to fly coach for over 14 hours to China! Thank the Lord IKEA is opening June 29th in Atlanta and I won't have to shop at international adoption hating Woodbridge anymore. ;)

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