Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Process

Hannah asked if we'd be going to China to get Ling Ling and I realized I haven't explained the process. According to our agency this is what our lives will be like the next year or so:
-Parents apply with CWA and send Application Fee. Fees are billed as incurred and are non-refundable. Fees will wreck you financially, but it will all be worth it in the end.
-Upon acceptance, CWA provides access to the Initial Adoption Procedure (IAP) webpage.
-Parents complete and return all forms from IAP and send first half CWA Professional Service fee.
-Parents are assigned a CWA case manager. Case manager tries to maintain a straight face while determining if these two goofballs are fit to be parents.
-Parents apply with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) and begin a home study with a certified investigator from their state. CWA provides home study services for parents living in NC or SC. (for another fee) Social worker walks into Parents' home and laughs menacingly as she writes nasty things on her report. Doubts if home is safe for child while being inhabited by two bitchy cats and two insane pugs.
-Parents send their completed dossier (paperwork) to CWA along with the second half of CWA Professional Services Fee, the China Program Fee and the translation fee. Parents obsessively check with agency to make sure dossier wasn't lost.
-CWA sends dossier to China for translation, review, and approval. A child is referred by the Chinese government. Parents receive pictures and medical information. Approximate wait time for referral is 6 months. Parents go crazy waiting for referral because there is only so much decorating you can do.
-Parents send post adoption administration fee and China travel fees to CWA within 30 days. Parents purchase international airline tickets directly from travel agent. Parents beg for first class upgrade.
-Parents travel to pick up their child. Mother goes into ugly cry when child is placed in her arms. Mother's face must now be edited on home video as she looks like Tammy Faye after a monsoon. Parents pay adoption expenses to Chinese adoption authorities, children’s welfare center, and US Consulate.
-Child receives citizenship upon returning to the US. Hooray!
-Parents and child go home and spend next few weeks recovering from jet lag while child tries to get used to the woman with yellow hair and the giant man who are now her parents.

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