Friday, May 13, 2005

Shay Shay

We ordered Chinese take out for dinner last night (shocker!) and the girl who's filling in for the regular girl Amy while Amy's on maternity leave now recognizes my voice. I think I sound fairly normal but I must sound like some screechy albatross or something. She's only been working there for like a month! Anyway, Jimshun was there and he and Amy are married and they are so excited about Lingling. He had asked us if we had kids so we told him about the adoption- I don't just run around screaming about it although I'm so excited I just may start. So each time I go in to pick up dinner we now get freebies and a mini Chinese lesson. (I've been trying to learn a little online). He tried to teach me the word for Good Bye last night but he's too good and I just can't get the pronunciation down. He said it then I said it then he says No, oadhfjoaih oaihjd, and I just said good bye in English and and added Good Bye to the list of words I need to learn. I do have hello (ni hao) and thank you (xie xie) down though! You kinda say thank you like shay shay. Easy enough. I've also learned mom (ma ma) and dad (ba ba). Now as long as everyone in China could just please slow it down when we get there we should be ok!

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