Thursday, May 26, 2005


Yesterday the fabulous Karen drove down for a wonderful afternoon of lunch, shopping, and lots of talking. It was very cool to spend some time with someone who is my age and adopting from China too. We don't know too many people who are or have adopted, and the ones we do know are much older than us. Anyway, we tooled around town, had some great Thai for lunch, and stopped into a few funky little shops. She found a cute outfit for Gwen (daughter to be), and I found a cool reed fragrance diffuser from Earth Elements at one of my favorite stores Paper Skyscraper. (although the one I purchased was quite a few dollars less than the prices on their site- not sure how or why). I'd been looking for something to scent Ling Ling's room and Jon was quick to point out that flaming candles don't mix with babies. So this will be perfect. I found one in pink that matches the wall color in her room. So then I was looking at these diffusers online, and I've been interested in something to use all around the house that I didn't have to constantly replace like candles or plug in wall scenty things. These diffusers apparently last for months and the oil to refill them is wicked cheap (like $3). I'm going to get these for all over the house. And the cool thing is- you don't have to go buy the pricey kits. All you need is a vase, reeds, and oil. I'm thinking this will be a good Christmas present to put together for people this year. Hmmm.

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