Monday, May 16, 2005

You Want Fries With That?

While we were in Baltimore last week I noticed a strange condiment being served with french fries- gravy! When the first waitress asked if I wanted gravy with my fries I was all confused and asked what kind of gravy? See, in the South we have red eye gravy, country gravy (for biscuits or country fried steak), brown gravy (for mashed potatoes), and your various sauces that could be called gravy. Plus, I know that some Northern or Italian families call the sauce you put on pasta gravy. Well, it turns out they serve brown Thanksgiving gravy with french fries! Who knew? It was good! And if you think about it it makes more sense than ketchup- you wouldn't put ketchup on your mashed potatoes. I tried the fry gravy while we were there, but poor Jon got too much of a good thing and had quite the gravy fry overdose tummy ache by the time we got home! But now he wants to keep gravy on hand for french fry dipping. We'll make french fry gravy popular down here so it will sweep the nation!

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