Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Chosen One

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this yet...but we finally chose an agency! It took a long time as there are a bajillion adoption agencies out there. It's a real leap of faith to choose a company, give them thousands of dollars, and hope they deliver a child. And it's not easy to find personal referrals when you don't know anyone who's adopted from China. But Jon's Mom met that couple Lou & Debbie who brought home Abigail last summer and are in the middle of their 2nd adoption from China now, and they had nothing but wonderful things to say about their agency. So I ordered a packet, did some research on the agency and then ended up finding a few blogs who used the same agency.
After watching tons of dvds, reading a million packets, staying up late researching agencies online it's good to finally have that decision behind us.
We've chosen Christian World Adoption. They are based out of the Carolinas, can do our homestudy (I've read horror stories about homestudies done by seperate agencies), are a nonprofit agency, and they've been really quick to answer questions. We're sending in our application very soon. It's the first step and we're really excited! Yay!

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