Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Bits and pieces

Here are a couple of pug pics from the last few days. Click on the image to enlarge. There is no real theme to this post, just a bunch of little things have been flying around my head and I need to get them down.

-Player pianos creep me out. Like ghosts are playing them or something.
-It bugs me when I pet the pugs the wrong way. Opposite the direction of their hair growth. It doens't seem to bother them, but I don't like it.
-Those Del Monte jars of red grapefruit slices are heaven on earth. I could polish off a jar in a day.
-I read that the average American drinks 13 gallons of tea a year. I go through one gallon a week. Right now I'm digging ginger peach tea.
-I've turned into a gangsta rapper as I've noticed myself saying "know what I'm saying?" repeatedly while having a conversation. This drives me nuts. I need a gangsta self help program, know what I'm sayin?
-The other day I checked the mail then was walking to my car, a mere 10-15 feet away and I fell down. Didn't trip on anything, just fell. I grabbed the side mirror on the way down. It bent backwards and all I could think of was OMG I've broken Jorge- and what if I'd been holding Ling Ling? (the car is fine- apparently the mirror goes that way, and I'm fine- just a couple of scraped knees, at age 31) But what kind of mother will I be if I can't even walk like a normal person?
-Jon can't seem to put things in things anymore. The hand towel in the bathroom- on the holder, not threaded through. The bread- on the bread box, not in. Dirty clothes- on the hamper not in. Is this a man thing?
-He also fills 4 water bottles to take with him to bed each night. He'll drink at least 2 of them throughout the night, but never once get up to go to the bathroom. The man is a camel.
-Not a day goes by that I don't think about Ling Ling now. How can you love someone so much who doesn't even exist yet? We talk about her all the time. Since most Chinese orphans' birthdays are estimated by the orphanage, Jon wants to make his and Ling Ling's on the same day. How cute is that?!

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