Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Mr. Fix It

Jon's been busy with some little upgrades to the house. We want to get the house as much in order and looking nice as we can before Ling Ling comes home. *** We know that when she gets here there will be very little time left for home improvements. He hung a ceiling fan in our bathroom, which I know is a little unorthodox, but man does it get hot in there. It's an L shaped room with just one vent, so there's precious little circulation. And because "it's not the heat, it's the humidity" that kills ya, we need circulation. So we bought a teeny fan. It's pretty cute. He also replaced those ugly brass light fixtures the house came with that hang over the garage door and the pendant on our front porch. The "brass" had turned to yuk, and they've just never been pretty. New silver ones look much better. Thank goodness Lowe's knows we're on a budget and offers things like lights and fans on the cheap! Now I just need to get one more coat of paint on the front door, put the hardware back on, and we'll be in business.

***To clarify a few things: 1. We are big planners and like to be prepared. We are trying to get all non Ling Ling related home improvements done before the paperchase plus work plus everything else gets too busy. We know that once we're knee deep in forms we won't have much time. Then there will be the 6 mos or so wait once we are DTC, and we have set that time aside to work on her nursery and playroom. Our house was not brand new when we bought it, so there are lots of small cosmetic changes we've been working on that we'd like to take care of before our focus shifts 100% to her.
2. I bought a few outfits, but that is the end of Ling Ling shopping until we are DTC.
3. We're estimating (and hoping) that we will be able to travel to pick her up late summer to early fall 2006. That will happen if we get our paperwork powered through and the time to match us with a child is around 6 mos. We shall see.

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