Friday, June 10, 2005

How about a cheetah?

My MIL is a librarian and yesterday was her library's 5th birthday celebration. She's recruited me to face paint during the parties the last couple of years. This was the library's 5th birthday and the largest party. Knights and princesses and dragons and castles made up the decor and theme. A local artist painted big cutouts for the kids to get their pictures with. Click on all the pics to enlarge. There were sack races and games and such. I painted faces for 3 and a half hours straight. 125 kids. Sweet monkey knuckles my line never ended. I painted tons of swords, flowers, frogs, hearts, turtles, etc. One tornado (by request, not normally in my reportoire), which looked like a big bruise. The kids were so cute. A little boy declared that he loved his turtle, and that he loved me too. One little girl would periodically yell out "What's the hold up?" while waiting in line. Then she got in the chair and had no idea what she wanted me to paint. I made posters with design ideas they could choose from. I figured if I could draw it I could paint it. I thought I had a pretty good selection going, but it wasn't enough for one little girl who wanted a cheetah(!!!). I talked her into a dragonfly. There wasn't enough time for me to snap pictures of all the kids, but I did get a couple. Little Batman had a runny nose so I had to be careful not to come away with a snotty paintbrush!

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