Wednesday, June 15, 2005

A trip through Bizarro world- land of the Long Talkers

Today my sister Sara and I went to Mr. & Mrs. Long Talker's house to visit and meet their new baby. Sara brought the boys (my fabulous nephews Jake and Joey). Baby Long Talker is just adorable. He's only 5 weeks old so he's mainly just eating and sleeping. So tiny. "Rochelle" looks great, and is doing a wonderful job with him. Baby has some long monkey toes! Such a cutie!
So, Daddy Long Talker surprised us some more. Today he totally stayed in the room while 3 women discussed babies, breast feeding, nipples, breast pumps, the works. Jon or my BIL would have high tailed it out the room at the first mention of "nipple sheild" but Daddy LT hung in. It was kinda weird.
After our visit we went out for lunch at a place that calls itself a Family Sports Pub. Jake needed a change and there was no changing table in the bathroom. After asking the waitress poor Sara had to change Jake on the floor of the manager's office. Then the waitress spilled a couple of drinks at the next table and what was weird was that they didn't have a mop. Other people showed up with tons of paper towels. So odd that a place that has been open for months, and an established national chain, has neither a mop nor a changing table.
It was just a strange day full of bizarre oddities.

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