Friday, June 24, 2005

Surprise Mini Family Reunion

My dad called Friday afternoon and announced that he was coming up from Florida for a visit and that he was already in SC at my uncle's house. He said he would drive up to my house Monday with my grandmother (Nanny). So on Monday Jon and I spent the day with my dad, Nanny, my sister Sara, and her two boys. We had lunch, toured Sara's new homesite, hung out at her mother in law's, and toured my house. Then Tuesday Sara and I drove down to my uncle's to see my Pappy. Pappy is blind and wasn't feeling up to the last leg of the trip up to NC. It was so good to see him. Bless his heart, I just can't imagine how scary and frustrating going blind would be. He was glad to visit with us all. My uncle Kevin (the one who cut off his thumb last spring) came over to visit and brought his wife so it was a mini reunion. Pictures can be found here.

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