Monday, June 20, 2005

Tuna & Sharpies

Rachel sent me this link the other day about Sharpies. You know, the marker. The link started a conversation about how my mom's boyfriend Hale didn't know what a Sharpie was until a couple of years ago. He said he'd heard of them, but had never been introduced. Well then that led to a conversation about another of Hale's recent discoveries: tuna fish. When you open a can of tuna, mix in some mayo or mustard or both, maybe some relish, then put in on bread, our family (like many, many others) calls it a tunafish sandwich. That cracks me up because you wouldn't say "steak meat" but we say tuna fish- redundant.
Anyway, a couple of years ago there was a huge ice storm. People lost power for weeks. Our house had a working wood burning fireplace so Mom, Hale, Morgan, and Sam the dog came and bunked down with Jon and I for a few nights until we could get power back on. The power outage was widespread- even restaurants were without power. And the ones that had power were packed. So for dinner one night I said I'd make tuna fish sandwiches.
Hale said "What do you mean?".
What do you mean, what do I mean?
Hale- How are you going to make tuna sandwiches with no power?
Well, I don't need power. I've got a regular can opener, and we've got chips and stuff for sides.
Hale- But how have you been keeping the fish fresh? And what are you getting out of the can?

At this point the room was silent with everyone looking at Hale in bewilderment. The man didn't realize that tuna for sandwiches came from a can. He had never made tuna salad before. He had seen it at restaurants and delis, but he actually thought they made the tuna salad from leftover tuna from the fresh slab of fish. He was wondering where we had been keeping an actual tuna. It was one of the most bizarre conversations I'd ever been a part of. How can you be over 50 years of age, spend a good portion of those 50 years a bachelor, and not make tuna fish?
It makes you wonder what "normal" thing that you take for granted is fascinating and new to someone else!

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NCTRNL said...

Oh gross...I hate tunafish sandwiches. I have a bad taste in my mouth now...but at least I know it comes from a can...