Thursday, June 30, 2005

A Different World

Of course I watch the Real World. Every season I say I won't, then I get sucked in. I know I may lose cool points from the precious little I may have, but I can't help it.
I've noticed something though. I'm old enough to now say things like "kids these days". Because when I was 20 it wasn't the cool, normal thing to do to get drunk then kiss other girls. Every season seems to start out with all the people in the hot tub and the girls kissing like it's nothing. So I've never kissed a girl. When I was 20 you just had a few then kissed whatever cute boys were around. Kissing girls never even came up. We also didn't have many group showers, but maybe that's a regional thing? I need to know the rules on this. If you're straight and have a boyfriend and then you kiss a girl, did you just cheat on him? I'm all confused by kids these days! And did I miss out on something big here? Should I line up a girl for some kissing?

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NCTRNL said...

Oddly enough, as arousing as most guys find girls kissing, most guys also think that it is cheating if their girlfriend kisses another girl. I have never understood that. The Real World is a good TV show but it is so far from 'real' it's not even funny. They cannot watch TV or be updated on any current events. MTV really limits everything they do so that's why they go out...get piss drunk...and have sex with each other. They have nothing else to do. It's got to be the most surreal experience to be a part of...