Monday, June 06, 2005

Camel Free

Saturday I met up with Karen and another Shannon to go shopping for our adoptive daughters to be. We had a big time at the mall- hitting all the kid's clothing stores pretty hard. I was hesitant at first, I've not bought anything for Ling Ling yet, save a print for her room. But I quickly got in the spirit. I love shopping with budget minded people like myself. I've been out shopping before with mom's who think nothing of dropping $50 on a sweater a child will wear for maybe 2 months. So it was nice to hear things like - Over here! They have tops for 99 cents! That's what I'm talking about. I have a problem paying more than $10 for a piece of fabric no bigger than a potholder that calls itself a shirt. Karen and Shannon bought way more than I did, but I came away with some cutie things for Ling Ling. And now they are hanging on their tiny little hangers or folded in a drawer and it all feels very real. That I need to kick it into high gear and get my baby home and into her new pink capris! Pictures! I'm sure you know by now to click on each to see a larger view. Cutie little frog outfit: Sparkly dragonfly and butterfly tank with embroidered jean shorts: Sweet little pink cardigan with ruffled edge. Sparkly striped sweater for just 99 cents! Love this pink ruffly salsa dancing dress. I can see her twirling in it already. I'm so in love with this rouched (sp?) tank and this little kicky skirt with bloomers underneath. This may be my favorite outfit so far- embroidered tank with ribbon ties and hot pink capris with little white daisies, lime trim, and lime belt. Ling Ling will be quite the fashionista.
On our way out of the mall we went to turn a corner and this thing jumped out at us scaring us, well at least me, to death. I screamed and grabbed Shannon to pull her out of harm's way. People all stopped in their tracks and looked as we realized it was a giant spark plug. Once we caught our breath we took pictures. Here's Karen
, Shannon and me with Sparkie the Frightening.
Shannon drove me home and on the way I toured her through the very back of our neighborhood where the remains of PTL and Jim & Tammy Faye's legacy lives on. There is a lot of construction going on back there, and it's changing all the time. Next to the outdoor theatre we saw this pen with goats and a camel. A CAMEL. In SC. Shannon was so funny, she said "I woke up this morning camel free!". It is a bit disconcerting to shop at a major mall then see a desert animal within an hour.
This weekend I also met up with my Mom, Morgan & her friend Jessica to see the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Cute movie, I cried. It was really well acted, and it made me long to visit Greece again. In the restroom after the movie I discovered bits of tissue stuck to my red splotchy face and looked like an emotional wreck. There were some touching parts!
We also taught Kea to sit this weekend. We'll see if it sticks. Right now it's looking like she'll only perform if there's food in your hand. Typical pug!

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