Friday, August 11, 2006

Parade of Homes- Week 2 Pictures

Welcome to the second week of Bloggy Parade of Homes!
For those of you who are just joining us, we are touring our readers through our homes, room by room. This week we are taking a peek at our living rooms/ family rooms/ dens. If you'd like to play along please leave a comment that you've posted your pics, along with a link to your site and your email address so I can sign you up for reminders and updates. All those who are already participating are leaving comments that their pictures are posted. Regular players are listed below. Go check out their homes!

~ Elaine
~ Aimee
~ Lisa S.
~ Mrs. Gumby
~ Jacquie
~ Rachel
~ Julie
~ Michele
~ Judy
~ Jessica
~ Julie W.
~ Alfred's Mom
~ Sandy
~ Kendra
~ Gabs
~ Jesser
~ Ani

Now, on to my house: Click on all pics to enlarge.
This is the formal living room as seen from the foyer: We don't spend any time in there really, it is just a place to hold our bookcase for right now! Here's the view from the dining room:

Here is the family room where we spend most of our time: This is the view from the kitchen:
This is the view from the entry hall:
This is the "window" that leads to the upstairs bonus room.
This is the view from the Juliet balcony just outside the bonus room upstairs.

My favorite things about this room are the tapestry above the fireplace, and how open the room is to the kitchen. When we have people over you never feel like you're missing something if you run into the kitchen. I can cook and talk to CSP while he watches the game or the weather channel. Plus I like being able to drop things down from upstairs like laundry (although CSP isn't a big fan of inter-floor object tossage).
I can't wait to see everyone's rooms this week!

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