Sunday, August 06, 2006


I can't mention birthday goodies without talking about the great package I received from Ani! She sent the cutest little Chinese take out box change purse, a sweet stone with HOPE etched in it, a little red brocade bag, and the coolest tea cup. I just love everything!
I also received flowers from my dad. I haven't gotten flowers delivered in a long time (hint hint CSP)! They came in a really pretty butterfly vase.
I checked out the new $uper T@rget a few miles away and man is that place big! While there I found the XXXXXL version of one of my favorite magnets: the pug from Paper House. Kea and Molly were so freaked out when they came around the corner and saw this guy on the bottom of the fridge! While I was at T@rget in the greeting cards section I over heard this little boy pleading for his mom to buy him a toy. It was hilarious! He went from "You're the worst mom ever!" to "But I'll never ask for anything again!" and "I promise I'll do anything you want, I've never wanted anything so bad everrrrrr!". He even promised to be nice to his sister although he didn't sound happy about it. I wonder if he ever got his toy?! I had to pretend I was laughing at the cards when I was really laughing at him!

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