Tuesday, August 15, 2006

BPOH Week 3 Theme & You know you're old when...

~This week's theme for the Bloggy Parade of Homes is Dining Rooms. Be sure to post your photos on your blog on Friday and leave a comment on my blog Friday so we'll know you're up!

~I received one of those "You know you're old when...."emails and one of the bullet points was "When your parents start talking to you about sex like you're a friend." Or something like that. That has happened to me and now I need to gouge out my ears. I don't wanna know that my Dad knows my stepmom is in the mood when she lights a candle. Shudder. And I sure didn't need to hear about Hot as Hale's little boxer shorts dance he did after turning on the radio and lighting candles. And I really didn't need to hear about him rubbing his hands together in anticipation when my Mom walked in the room. Gah.

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