Thursday, August 24, 2006

Crocs or Crack? You tell me.

The following was an email, nay, a desperate cry for help that I sent yesterday to my nearest and dearest. Those who would understand and love me anyway. They have to- it's in their contracts. The response this email received made me realize I should probably broaden my plea to include all of the internets. Note the lack of capitalization, correct spelling, grammatical errors that abound in this letter. Obviously signs that I'm now a certified junkie. But how could I help myself? The lethal combination of shoes, accessories, and shopping did me in. There's help out there for me somewhere. I know it.

so ani sent me those fabulous jibbitz and now i've got a $79 shopping
cart at cause they are so freakin cute and i want so many
of them i can't stand it. csp would kill me, i mean kill me with an
instrument of death, if i spent $79 on tiny rubbery shoe
decorations. plus i'm thinking of my frens who have crocs or are
buying them and oh wouldn't my mil just love the smiley face jibbitz
and i could get ladybugs for my adoptive mom pals and i so need candy
corns, maple leaves, spiders with webs, santa's head, the turkey, the
usa flag with red white and blue stars, basically the entire seasonal
category. the turkey, people! i want to mash a rubber turkey icon
into my brown mary jane crocs. i'm mentally planning my thanksgiving
outfit so i can wear a cartoon turkey on my foot! there is something
seriously wrong with me. just so you know my cart also includes the
ying yang, easter egg in blue, watermelon, 4 leaf clover, several of
the big flowers, daisy, penguin and pink paw prints. send help.

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