Monday, August 28, 2006

I'm here for you

This just in: Mary Janes are available on the site (finally) in lots of colors! On they are only $29.99 vs the $34.99 they were running over at Journeys. is also carrying the Prima ballerina flats too. I've got my whole family turned on to Crocs finally. Hot as Hale (my Papa) is sporting the Islander. When they came in the mail he danced all around in them he loves them so much. My Mama's been a fan for a while, and now my MIL is too. She's got the Prima and the Mary Janes and has me on the lookout for a pair of Reliefs (they are sold out in her size & preferred color). Susan is rocking a pair of Mary Janes and finally Lisa quit being a holdout and ordered herself and Pete each a pair of the Athens flip flops. I'm so excited that my peeps are gettin comfy in their Crocs!
Oh, and for you Disney fans, Crocs is coming out with a Disney line!

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