Monday, August 14, 2006

Game night & the origin of CSP

Saturday night my sister hosted a birthday dinner/game night for me. We never got around to playing many games, but we sure did have some fun. Sara drew this Crocs picture in honor of the occasion in her chalkboard frames. Click on her name to see her BPOH photos. Susan, Will, Miss Olivia, and Susan's friend Amy joined us. Mama & Papa were also there. Joey and Miss O were able to spend some more time together convincing me that they will fall in love, or at least go to prom. CSP, the pugs, and I spent the night with Sara & her boys and the next day I got a real glimpse into life with 2 toddlers. The day started with Joey trying to flush my clothes down the toilet (had to bring those home in a plastic bag). I was exhausted by the time we went home, but loved every minute of my day with my sweet nephews. Sara snapped the cutest picture of Molly while we were there:

By the way, we call Jon Captain Safety Pants (CSP) because he's almost freakishly concerned for my safety. He wouldn't let me get a sunroof for fear burglars would bust in my car. Never mind the fact it is surrounded by windows, they will apparently climb on the roof. I stepped on a nail yesterday (they are still doing construction in Sara's neighborhood and we were checking out the homes as they were being built) and CSP repeatedly examined my foot for a puncture wound. Luckily my Crocs have such a thick, cushy sole they saved my life! If it were up to CSP I'd be wrapped in bubble wrap and wouldn't be allowed to leave his sight.

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