Friday, August 18, 2006

Bloggy Parade of Homes- Week 3 pictures- Dining Rooms

Welcome to the second week of Bloggy Parade of Homes!
For those of you who are just joining us, we are touring our readers through our homes, room by room. This week we are virtually touring our dining rooms. If you'd like to play along please leave a comment that you've posted your pics, along with a link to your site and your email address so I can sign you up for reminders and updates. All those who are already participating are leaving comments that their pictures are posted. Regular players are listed below. Go check out their homes!

~ Elaine
~ Aimee
~ Lisa S.
~ Mrs. Gumby
~ Jacquie
~ Rachel
~ Julie
~ Michele
~ Judy
~ Jessica
~ Julie W.
~ Alfred's Mom
~ Sandy
~ Kendra
~ Gabs
~ Jesser
~ Ani
~ Heather
~ Sara
~ Mary Mia
~ Lisa
~ Julie

Now, on to my house. (click to enlarge pictures)
My dining room is one of my favorite rooms in the house. Based on looks alone it is my favorite. When we moved into this house the dining room was painted a metallic gold faux paint. It took almost 2 gallons of paint- after primer- to cover it. I wish I could remember the name of the paint color, it's sort of eggplanty but shows up kind of red to purple in photos depending on the light. I love the way it contrasts with the crisp white trim. Since the wall color is so bold I kept everything else in the room a neutral color- mainly black, white, or silver. The dining room table & chairs were our first major furniture purchase (bought from a local store). I love the table color and the fact that the leaf is stored in the table and pops out when you pull on each end of the table. Easy peasy! We were so sticker shocked when we bought it. When I saw the price tag for the chair I thought it was for the whole set, not each! Lucky for us the store had the wrong price tag on the table and we got it for $400 less than we should have! Woohoo! The sideboard and literally everything on the walls, including the curtains & curtain rods came from IKEA.
The view from the formal living room:
Right side of room: Not sure if you've noticed but in each room there is something that represents the Eiffel Tower. We honeymooned in Vegas and stayed at the Paris Las Vegas. So that monument makes me think of our honeymoon.
Left side of room: Those sconces used to have a little glass insert. I broke one and since they came from IKEA (only $9.99 each) and IKEA is in Atlanta I had to improvise. I took a piece of tape and taped up the holes to balance the candles.

View from back of dining room toward front of house: We replaced the brass chandelier with this silver and white one. The tall prints on either side of the columns are actually note cards from IKEA that I framed. Total cost of both pieces: less than $20. I love the one on the right-it's all silverware.
- I wanted something to add some pizazz to my stark, white drapes, but not add color. So I hung these Christmas ornaments on the ties and they do the trick!
- This is our stocked wine rack. We don't drink wine. But we received this wine rack as a wedding present and the wine as various gifts. I love the wine rack and it just doesn't look right empty. So we have wine. Oh, and the sparkly thing is a beaded garland.
- These are art tiles from IKEA. I had this wall to decorate but no art budget. I found these tiles for $2.50 each. My mom and I played with them til we found a layout we liked and voila! (sp) Wall art for $10! I like the bit of lime green in there. Ties in with the kitchen (which you'll see next week).

I can't wait until my girls get home and we can have big family dinners in our dining room. In the meantime I get to check out your dining rooms!

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