Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Baby love

Whoa- I'm behind on posting! I've been really busy doing some spring cleaning around my neglected house. When I was sick the last thing I wanted to do was mop! We had the house pressure washed last week and that really freaked out the pugs. But the house looks great!
This past Saturday I went over to hang with Susan, Will, & Olivia. While I was there Miss O signed her new sign she had learned just that morning(!), she learns so fast- cookie. I finally got kisses too. That's a big deal! She had a big time playing with my sunglasses. She's so great. Any time I feel down about how long it is taking for me to be a mom I hang out with her and can totally imagine my own girls. Of course, Susan's fabulous at pep talks too!
Two of my furry babies had to go to the vet Monday. Molly for another puppy visit and boosters, and Kea cause her little ears had turned all red. Turns out Kea is allergic to GRASS! Quite inconvenient as my entire lawn is grass and that's where I'd prefer her to potty vs. inside the house. So she's on allergy meds and she's doing great. Molly loves going to the vet.
Riding in the car and getting love from multiple people is the best for a baby pug!
Then Tuesday we had a bit of a scare. I dropped a bottle of prescription meds and they went all over the floor. Molly (I thought) grabbed one and gulped it down. Right to the vet we went and she's still there under observation. She hasn't shown any signs of toxicity though, so maybe she dropped the pill. But better to be safe then sorry. I was a MESS thinking I'd killed my baby girl. I can't imagine how it would feel if it were Ling Ling! I miss Molly though and can't wait for her to come home!
Today my mom came over and helped me around the house a bit. We tore down 2 cat pee smelling trees out front of my house that blocked the porch. Then Mom decided my shutters needed to be painted. Crazy woman. I was scared to death the whole time she was hanging out my office window. They look great now though!

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