Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Hot Pocket!

For those of you wondering, yes I'm still bleeding. No, I'm not kidding. We're over a month now. My obgyn had me on Prometrium to try and stop the bleeding but that didn't work. So today I went in and saw her and we discussed permanent surgical solutions. Rather than give me a hysterectomy (which I don't have time for right now, big project I'm working on), we are going to try something else called Endometrial Ablation. Basically they will insert a balloon into my uterus, fill it with seriously hot water, cook my bits, scrape me out, do a d&c, and send me home. It's surgery so I'll be put to sleep, but I won't have to stay overnight, and recovery time is short, just a couple of days. It does mean that I will officially be sterile, but for all intents and purposes I've been sterile for a while anyway. While no one likes surgery, I'm excited to get this over with, to be able to live my life without carrrying an extra towel and a truckload of pads. This EA may eliminate periods all together! But if it doesn't work then I'll be having a full hysterectomy in about 6 months. Much longer recovery time (6 weeks or so), as she'll cut through my abdomen and remove the entire uterus and cervix, but by then we'll be dtc and my big project will be over and I can just chill while recovering. My Dr. will be calling in the next day or so with my surgery date. I get to wear a sexy sexy hospital gown! What a treat for the medical personnel!

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