Friday, June 16, 2006

Just Breathe

You guys are the best most wonderfullest people ever. Thank you so much. I was just having a rough down day. But I know I gotta keep my chin up and keep plugging away and what will be will be. And frankly, I don't want to be pregnant. I know it would be a medical nightmare. My Obgyn has said so. It was just nice knowing we had an ace in the hole, as it were. But enough about my hot pocket drama!

So, I have a couple of cute quotes for ya from the last couple weeks. I like to write these down to remember them. When we were at the beach we were all talking and it came up that Hot as Hale is deaf in one ear. Jon said "What are you, a pirate?" Wha? We were all confused then cause what's being a pirate got to do with being deaf. So Jon said "Well you know pirates were known for their bad hearing. Standing near those cannons all the time." Bahaha! Here I thought they were known for their pillaging and sea battles and what not. We were rolling. Imagining all the pirates running around with patches on their ears!

Jake was asking where was his Unca Jon yesterday. Sara told him Unca Jon was at work. Jake said he wanted to talk to him. Sara said what do you want to say? Jake said "I want to party with Unca Jon." I couldn't believe it and told Jon and he couldn't believe it so we got Jake on speaker phone and as soon as he heard Unca Jon's voice he said "Party with Unca Jon!". We may not be the best influence!

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