Sunday, June 04, 2006

A little cross dressing never hurt anybody

Ok, when we got to the beach house Marc, Sara, and Jake were at the grocery store. So the only people home were Mom, Hale, Joey, Morgan and her friend Lynda. We got settled in and I and I was talking with my mom we had an idea to surprise M,S, & J when they came back from the store. You remember the ladybug bikini Lisa bought for Ling Ling right? Well, we just had to try it on Joey. Oh my word if he isn't just the cutest thing. And didn't mind a bit that he was wearing a bikini! I especially love his P@ris Hilt0n look with my sunglasses on his head. Of course when his Daddy got home the party was over. Unca Jon just walked around muttering "That's just not right." Us girls thought it was hilarious! And besides, I had to make sure it would fit Ling Ling, and now we know it looks adorable on 16 month old toddlers!

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