Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lovely wee things

I ADORE summer patio and garden decor and accessories. I love summer dishware- all that plastic and melamine in those fabulous colors! I love brightly colored sparkly shiny things you can hang from ceilings and tree branches. And this year I'm loving these fabulous things- from afar mind you, the adoption budget does not allow for frivolous summer spending sprees:

This adorable garden sculpture is from Carruth Studios. The artist there makes a ton of adorable things that are all really affordable. I love the face on this fish named Sid. Doesn't he look like a grumpy grampa? They have a sweet little ladybug mini sculpture. But I'm on a budget and can manage self control sometimes. Plus, I don't want to turn into the crazy ladybug lady. I like other things too!

This I love as an idea and a finished product. An outdoor rug that you can hose off but is still way cute. You can get it here, and they come in a million (there abouts) colors and patterns. And for less than $70! Deal!

And of course my favorite place in the world, IKEA, didn't let me down this year. There are too many things to list all the ones I love. But I adore this garden gnome: and these tea light holders: You can check out their summer offerings by clicking here. Thankfully the closest IKEA is 3.5 hours away or we would be filing for bankruptcy! I am making a promise to myself to get there before the fall if it kills me!

So, any other cutie pie things out there I need to know about?

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