Monday, June 19, 2006

I get weak

Wow, throw a little activity at a girl trying to quickly recover from hot pocket surgery and it knocks her flat out man. Saturday Jon's aunt D and her daughter, so I guess my aunt and cousin, came and took me to lunch. I hadn't been out of the house except to go to the doctor in so long. My meds make me really shakey so putting on makeup was a bit tricky. I'm lucky I didn't lose an eye! Then we went to look at model homes (so fun to see how they are decorated! and there are so many new neighborhoods in my area). By the 4th 2 story house I had to sit down. I forgot that losing blood for weeks and weeks can take a lot out of you! I was only light headed for a bit then we were ready to roll again. But by the time I got home it was nap time! I feel like such a frail old lady!
Sunday we had brunch with Jon's parents for Father's Day. Then Jon had to go to work so I headed up to Sara's for a Father's Day cookout. I skipped my pain meds so I could drive. Not fun. On the way up I called my Pappy and my Dad to send Father's Day wishes. They were all at my Nanny & Pappy's house so they passed the phone all around and I was able to talk with Nanny and my aunt as well. All of them scolded me for driving and doing too much. It was kind of funny and ironic for my Pappy (who's on hospice) to scold me, a 32 yr old punk, about taking it easy and getting some rest. But I was totally getting cabin fever and had to get out! I had to load up on motrin for pain once I got to Sara's and then it was bearable. My Mama and Papa came up for the afternoon too. They took the boys to the pool so I was able to rest for a while while they were gone. Jake and Joey look so cute in their little bathing suits! I got to check out their new playset. Joey had a big time showing off, but Jake would only perform for Daddy. Fitting I suppose, for Father's Day and all. When I was leaving I noticed Jake hunched down in the garage. He's in the midst of potty training and while having a big time peeing in the potty, is resisting pooping in the potty. He was sqatting down next to a pile of poop. And their dog had been in the backyard all day. So it wasn't her. Sara and Marc came out and I pointed out the pile. Then we all said our goodbyes and I hit the road, with Mama & Papa behind me. I hadn't driven 5 minutes before Sara called. She had scolded Jake for going poopy in the garage instead of telling someone so he could be helped on the potty. He said "That's Aunt Shanny's poop." She said what?!! He told her "Aunt Shanny pooped in the garage." Well, you know what they say about house guests and fish I guess!
Oh, and here's a little Molly bonus. She's getting so big! She has another vet appt this week so we'll see how much she weighs.
She's almost as tall as Ike! And boy does she work those ears and that cute face!
Lastly, look what I woke up with this morning! I swear, as soon as the bleeding started tapering off down south, it headed north!

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