Monday, June 12, 2006

Pre op

Thank you guys so much for all the kind words and well wishes! They mean so much.
My internet at home is actin g up so right now this is the only way I can post. I'm ready for tomorrow and the funny thing is I feel better today than I have in weeks! My inlaws came over yesterday and made dinner and brougt me the book pug hill. So I look forward to reading that as I recover.
All I have left to do today is pick up my post op drugs shave my legs and give a blood sample at the hospital. I feel like taking a sharpie and writing messages to my Dr on my legs like easy trigger! And get while you're in there I wouldn't mind weighing a few pounds less!
We go in at the ass crack of dawn so I may boy post again til Wednesday. So I leave you with a cute thing Jake did. Sara was looking for him the other day and was calling his name. Jake popped his head in her room and in the most grown up little voice for a 3 year old said "whaddya need?". 3 going on 30.
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