Thursday, April 20, 2006


I've been tagged by Karen to list 6 weird things about me. Only 6?
  1. I can not stand the sound of teeth grinding, or teeth screeching across a fork or anything else metal. Would rather lose a limb than have to hear that all day.
  2. I'm a tactile person. So everywhere we go I have to touch stuff. Can NOT keep my hands to my sides. Especially if there are bins of things like coffee beans or anything I can sink my whole hand into.
  3. I'm obsessed with the mail. Jon is not allowed to check the mail because he might throw something out. If we don't get mail one day it bums me out. And circulars don't count as good mail but catalogs do. The best is if there's a large envelope or package. Swoon.
  4. Zits drive me insane. It boggles my mind that someone would walk around with a mighty whitehead and not get it. Jon will on occasion let me get something, but he's a big baby so most times he'll run and do it himself. One of my relatives has been letting this giant blackhead right around on their cheek for the last 7 years. Every time we see this person it is all I can do to keep myself from tackling him/her and taking care of business.
  5. I can fall asleep in a matter of seconds, but I have to have my eye mask and ear plugs, and preferably the sound machine on, oh, and a ceiling fan running, and water nearby to drink. Who knew someone could be so high maintenance while asleep?
  6. I'm a beauty product whore and love anything sparkly. I would never apply to something like survivor because I know I'd run out of lip balm and things would get ugly. I must at all times have lip balm and hand lotion within easy reach. I have lip balm & lotion planted like land mines all through my house & car. Once when we were dating Jon picked me up for a movie- Saving Private Ryan. A 3 hour event. I realized with only 20 minutes before the movie started that I didn't have my lip balm (oh, and lip stick doesn't count. Not the same moisturizing quality). So we literally ran for the next 30 minutes through the mall til I could find lip balm. Had to pay $5 for a Hello Kitty lip balm necklace, but it was worth it.
Ok, I'm done. I tag....Ani, Lisa, Shannon H, Alfred's Mom, Susan, and anyone else who's game! Be sure to leave a comment here if you're playing along so I can come read!

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