Sunday, April 02, 2006


Laura's wedding was yesterday and I have pictures! It was so beautiful and I hate I wasn't there, but I couldn't be happier for them. They are such good people and a wonderful couple. Laura looked so gorgeous! Click here to see pictures. All the girls loved the jewelry I made. Yay! Today Shannon and I went to visit with Susan, Olivia, and Will. Oh, and of course PomPom. After visiting with Miss O, Shannon and I met up with a friend of her's Jody, Jody's bf Scott, and Jody's grandpa for dinner at an Indian restaurant. This was my first experience with Indian food. Let me help you newbies. Medium spicy in English translates to plate of edible hell in Indian. OMG the waiter literally was fanning me at the table. He was kind enough to tone down my dish after my tablemates could no longer stand my silent suffering and panting and then it was really good. He made a little dessert sampler for me since I was a trooper. I can't believe I didn't photograph this stuff. One dish was a rose flavored (yep, the flower) sweet cottage cheesy sort of patty called rasmalai. The other was called GULAB JAMAN and I did find this pic online: Mine was a big, black, quivery ball on a plate with honey sauce. Scary. But surprisingly tasty after you get past the appearance. The funniest part about the quivery ball dessert is that Shannon said she'd had it before on a BUFFET! Now, if I'm strolling down a buffet and I get to the desserts and I can choose between moist, black, quivery balls and, well, anything else is the world, I'm skipping the balls. Looks like Shannon's a trooper too!

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