Thursday, April 13, 2006

Apply Within

I need to hire an assistant. Little to no pay. But I do encourage naps. Please find below a list of duties:
  • Undos & put aways: unpack suitcases, unload dishwasher, put away groceries, put away clean laundry, put away craft supplies after projects.
  • Task master: I get easily distracted and you may need to gently prod me to keep me on task when I'm working on crafts and things.
  • Fill out all rebate forms.
  • Remind me to use coupons I clip and carry around then let expire!
  • Finish adoption paperwork.
  • Clean my house. I'll vacuum and load the dishwasher, ooh and swiffer- I don't mind that, but the rest is on you sport.
  • Take my car in for oil changes and service. I hate those waiting rooms. I always get stuck with the chatty person with bad breath.
Oh! And it wouldn't hurt if you could cook for us. That would be great. It seems I've maxed out my reportoire at spaghetti, lasagna, chili, and well, anything involving ground beef, red sauce and some sort of pasta.

You wouldn't have to wear a uniform, but I'll get to rock a tiara.

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