Friday, April 21, 2006

Lite of the party

Tomorrow night I'm hosting a Party Lite party at my house. So if you'll be in the Carolinas and wanna stop by, email me for directions! Shannon is the consultant and this will be her first party. I'm so excited for her as she'll be able to raise money for her adoption through Party Lite sales. If you'd like to make a purchase and can't make it to my house, you can browse the catalog online
and email either me or Shannon with your order. I wouldn't pimp out anything I don't believe in. These candles burn clean with no soot or leftover wax you'd have to scrape out of your candle holder. And for all of you adopting from China like us, they have an Asian inspired section. I'd been wanting to put a little Asian flair in my house without looking like I was trying to hard, and I didn't want it to be cheesy. I saw this bamboo sconce and I paired it with a Chinese coin from World Market.
When you light the tealight in the sconce it throws cool shadows on the wall. Ok, gotta go get ready for this party, no more time to be your personal shopper! Hop to it and check out that catalog!

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