Saturday, April 08, 2006


Saturday my Dad came into town and we went to my BIL's mom's house to celebrate Marc's (my BIL) 37th birthday. Wow. We are all getting so old. I remember when I thought 37 was old. But with all of us sitting around that table it still seems like we're just a bunch of young punks! *pictured from left to right- Eric- my BIL's nephew who was adopted from Russia, Sara my sister holding Joey, my BIL Marc, and Jake is on his lap.

Thank you for all of your words of support. A special thank you to all those who commented for the first time. I love "meeting" new readers! It really means a lot to me. If you haven't already guessed, Tina is a close relative- one I can't boot out of my life. I talked with her child about her- the child is over 50- and said child will be having a talk. This "child" is the only one Tina will listen to so I hope it works. My main message for her is I'm a grown up and don't have to take her crap. And I just want my kids treated like the other kids in the family. I did hear another gem of Tina's. She made a comment to my step-mom that my step-mom doesn't have any of "her own" grandkids and isn't that too bad, since my s-m's son married an infertile and they adopted. Nice. My s-m replied that she does so have her own grandkids, and included Ling Ling in the bunch. I heart my step-mom.

In other news, my dad drove almost 600 miles with a 3 week old new knee just to be up here for Jake's 3rd birthday. Highlights from the birthday partay to come!

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