Wednesday, April 19, 2006

An agressive agenda

Lots going on. Here's a bit of a recap and some teasers:
-Got the save the dates for the posh wedding in the fall. Holy moly they must be spending a king's ransom on this wedding. The STD cards were magnets with photos of the couple attached to 3 pieces of cardstock tied with a ribbon and engraved with the activities we'll be invited to (including a luau, departing brunch, the wedding & reception- all at a mega posh resort & spa) and a list of hotels besides the resort where we can stay. None of which we could afford unless I could get a good price on the black market for my spleen.
-We've made some major decisions recently that will have a huge impact on the adoption (still on of course), our living situation, and loads of other things. More details to come.

-In the midst of helping my mom plan her wedding which is fast approaching. Must remember to buy outfit.
-Was recently delighted to find out that M&M's will keep dark chocolate as a regular flavor soon. Yay!
-Somehow managed to lose our w2s and mortgage interest statement forcing me to file a tax extension. Nice.
-Shannon H is starting a pt career as a consultant with Party Lite. I'm having her first party this Saturday. You are all invited. More on that later as well.

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