Tuesday, April 04, 2006

@#$%& Alpha bits

Have you guys seen the Alphabet Pal? It's this cute little educational toy that is supposed to teach your child the sounds each letter makes, the alphabet, and colors. This was one of Jake's first toys and Olivia has one too. I saw it at her house the other day and had to share a story. When Jake was just a baby the family was gathered at my mom's for some holiday dinner. Alphabet Pal was there and at one point we noticed Jon and Marc (my BIL & Jake's dad) were missing. We found them in the den huddled over Alphabet Pal with impish grins. "Look what we can make it say." These 2 grown men had figured out a way around the curse word sensor (you can't make it sound out the word damn or ass for instance. It will say duh-ah-ooh that tickles!). But these 13 year old boys trapped in husband and father bodies got Alphabet Pal to sound out s h ! t h e a d. As soon as Susan heard this she grabbed Alphabet Pal and we all gathered round to see what we could make it say. Constructive and educational use of this fine product? Nah, but it sure is fun! Heh, and the government says we're approved to be parents!

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