Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Tina Saga continues!

**I'm totally over all this Tina business. I just felt it important to record the saga as this blog does serve as my journal.

Ok, so it has been soooo hard trying to protect Tina's identity while talking about her on the web. Here's a little background though. She's been a HUGE part of my life since the day I was born. Her and her husband have been nothing but good to me. Til now. So her child, let's call him/her Pat talked with her today and called me after to tell me what happened. Pat said "Either I'm really good or she's really good." Unfortunately Pat, she's really good.
Tina twisted everything around like you wouldn't believe. But Pat did manage to get a wee apology out of her. You won't believe the final thing she said though. Now remember, most of my complaints she WROTE on paper. Here are highlights:

* When she said why not go to Russia cause they look more American, she meant that Russia is closer to Ireland where we are from. WTF? And furthermore, she was concerned that I might name Ling Ling something Chinese which "would only remind LL of the country that didn't want her."
* When she said my aunt and uncle would have sent money to help with the adoption until they found out we were going to China for LL, she meant to say that they called asking how they could help and Tina suggested they not send money but send a gift once LL arrives. Tina had told me that Uncle had gotten so upset because "I didn't spend 4 years fighting the Chinese in the Korean war so she could bring chinks into this family". Turns out Uncle did fight in the war, but never made it to actual combat as he was stationed in Hawaii the whole time. Odds are he never said those awful things. So Tina basically jipped us out of financial help and painted my aunt and uncle as racists all at the same time.
* When Pat reminded her that Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red & yellow, black & white, they are precious in His sight, Tina said oh yes that is so true and LL should remember that when she gets picked on for being Chinese.
* And finally after all this twisting and turning and lying she actually had the big brass balls to tell Pat that she would be honored if we would name LL after her! Her, the most racist, lying, manipulative relative we have. I'd name LL Poo Face before I'd name her after Tina.

You know you can't pick your family. But friends are the family we choose for ourselves. And thankfully LL will have all of her Mommy's bloggy friends and real life friends, plus the non-insane members of our family to love and support her.

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