Sunday, April 30, 2006

Oh how she

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When my mom's fiance Hale sold his house my mom and Hale borrowed my BIL's truck for the week. At one point I was in it with her doing some running around. When BIL gave Mom the truck my sister tossed in the Valentine's Jake had made for me. You know, the classic construction paper, glue and glitter kind. When the truck was returned my BIL asked my sister "Has Shanny been in my truck lately?" Why? "Cause there's glitter EVERYWHERE." So Sara goes out and inspects the truck and gently informs her husband that I don't wear craft glitter! I'd look like a disco ball! He said "I don't know what you girls do." Well, Sara told me this story and I told Jon about it and I found out that one day not too long ago all 3 of them had a conversation about my sparklyness. Said I was doing much better. Apparently it is a sickness to sparkle. Also apparently, Sara would have to wipe down the boys after my visits cause they'd be covered in sparkles from my lip gloss and body shimmer. So I've been making sure to lay off the body shimmer if we're visiting and only use plain lip balm. Nice to know my efforts are not going unnoticed. I thought it was funny though that my family would actually discuss my sparklyness intervention style!

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