Thursday, March 23, 2006

The writing on the wall

The home improvements continue. My sister and BIL painted an entire wall with chalkboard paint at their new house and we loved the idea. We didn't need the whole wall, just a bit. I think it is really handy and I'm sure Ling Ling will love it. So, first we removed the plate rack that was hanging there and Jon patched the holes after we picked out the wall we wanted to chalk up. (click to enlarge all pictures)
We measured out the size we wanted and Jon painted on 3 coats of the chalkboard paint. Then he cut the wood to frame it out and painted that a high gloss white. He framed out the chalkboard and it was time to let it cure. After 3 days I primed the board by rubbing chalk all over the surface then wiping it back off. The directions are on the can of paint (there are a ton of different brand names and any home improvement place stocks the paint). After priming the wall, it was ready to use!

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