Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Laissez Bon Temps Roule!

Or, let the good times roll! Man, what a day. First Jon and I had our physicals for the adoption. Yay! So glad that is out of the way. Jon was really sweating it. Literally sweating like a stuck pig while getting his blood drawn. The blood sucker lady thought he was gonna pass right out. She told me in her Trinidad-ian accent that his flow went slow at one point and she thought we were gonna lose 'em! But our doctor cleared us and we're all set.
Then I ran home and had lunch and took care of a few things. Got a quick pedicure at the new nail place in my neighborhood (lady barely charged me- she was so nice), then headed over to Morgan's school to pick her up. On the way some jackass pulled out in front of me and sent me into the ditch. I got out though thanks to my trusty Rav4 Jorge. I picked Morgan up and took her home and traded Jorge for Papa's Jeep. I hate driving that thing. It's the new Grand Cherokee but there's barely a windsheild and not much room inside. Plus every time I'm in it I see a Cherokee wrecked somewhere. Today was no exception. Right on my way a big wreck where the Cherokee lost its front end.
Anyway, drove to the airport to meet the whole world. Well, not really, but close. Shannon was there and we planned to meet Susan, Will, and Olivia on their return from China. Karen was there with Gwen. Turns out Papa and Gigi's flight was coming in at the same time as Susan's so it worked out. Sara brought the boys up to meet everyone too. It was a little party in baggage claim- Papa and Gigi passing out beads and whatnot. Well , while we were there we found out Susan and Will got held up in immigration and missed their flight so they wouldn't be in for another 2 hours. P & G were beat so I had to take them home and missed meeting Miss Olivia! Boo! I'll have to plan a visit toute suite!
We got back to my mom's and they passed out gifts- tons of beads and a Mardi Gras ladybug for LingLing. I even got a feather boa. We looked at their pictures (boob shots for the boys) and I finally was able to come home by 9:30.
Now I'm doing laundry and cleaning because of something that is happening tomorrow which I can't talk about til we get there as to not jinx it.

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