Tuesday, March 28, 2006


I've always wanted to jump from a bridge onto a moving truck or barge filled with garbage and come out smelling nice and unscathed like they do in movies.
Sometimes, after watching a movie or tv show I'll think-I can totally do that. Like watching Miami Ink makes me think that for some reason I could be a tattoo artist. Cause, you know, people only want pretty things like dragonflies and flowers permanently inked on their skin.
In the car, when I'm singing, sometimes, for just a moment, I swear I'm as good as any of those American Idol kids. But in real life, I'm so not.
I've totally written out scenes from the sitcom/novel/movie that will/should be written about my life in my head. Like just before going to sleep at night I'll think about my day and it will occur to me that that day's adventures should be viewed by millions. But I realize that just like how no one thinks your dreams are as interesting as you do, no one thinks your crazy Uncle Larry setting himself on fire is as funny as you do either.
A woman and her child actually rapped and beat boxed at Lisa's uncle's funeral. I would have paid cold hard cash to have seen that.

It is rumored that there is now an 18 month wait on referrals. Boo.
*Adoption process update* We are still paperchasing. This is an expensive endeavor and we can't write all the checks at once. So we're coming along, slowly but surely. We hope to be DTC by end of May. Just a few more forms to send in!

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