Wednesday, March 15, 2006


A cliche is a cliche because it is usually true. Haste does make waste and so on. So you know that one about learning something new every day? True. I have learned recently:
-half and half mixed with water makes a gross skim milk substitute. Although it does get your cereal wet enough to eat, in the long run you are better off just going out on a milk run.
-When your dogs decide to drink ocean water, you will spend $100 at the vet and the next 5 days cleaning up runny pug poo and doling out meds.
-If you don't put your suitcase away fast enough after your beach trip, your pug will squirt sick poo all in it.
-If you never fully unpacked from that cruise you took in January 05 you will find your "missing" shawl, snorkel, and feather boa upon retreiving suitcase from the closet.
-I need to be a better unpacker and putter awayer.
-DVR on the downstairs tv does you no good if your husband is a sports fan and it is March Madness time.
-Babies have sharp teeth. If you stick your finger in their mouths to feel their new teeth they will bite your finger right off.
I think I'm done learning for now!

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Julie said...

I would say you've done some good learning for the month!