Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So much to say, so much to say

Alright let me begin by recapping our Wilmington trip. As you know we stayed in the wonderful Bali House, which I would recommend to anyone. But don't be booking it up solid cause we want to go back next year!
Highlights of our trip:
-the house itself. We got most of our meals to go so we could eat at home and spend as much time on the grounds as possible.
-the weather was fantastic.
-the food. Lunch from Sweet and Savory was delicious, but not as good as the conversation I heard while waiting for my order. Jon and the pugs were in the car waiting for me. I ordered some pastry goods and 2 sandwiches for our lunch. I waited for a good little while, but didn't mind as I was enjoying watching the 3 workers in front of me in the open kitchen make pies. The head chef/owner who took my order comes back around and notices I don't have my order but it is sitting on a counter, and has been there a while. As he's bagging my order he says to the 3 workers "This lovely young lady has been waiting patiently for her food for an hour and a half while you guys stood here." This is when the workers start apologizing to him. He says "Don't be sorry. Don't apologize. You shouldn't be sorry. I'm the one who's sorry. It's my fault for hiring you. I'm sorry for not realizing your lack of potential and nonexistent customer service skills." He was all calm and sweet sounding the whole time. The veteran worker was laughing silently (the chef must do this a lot) but the younger girls had eyes wide as saucers.
-our special dinner. Jon's parents called ahead and made reservations for us at Caprice Bistro in historic downtown Wilmington. Not only was the meal just out of this world, the chef and owners are special to us. They used to own the bistro in Charlotte where we had our wedding rehearsal dinner- Patou. We frequented Patou quite often with Jon's parents. A year after we got married they sold Patou and moved to Wilmington and opened Caprice. They remembered us and treated us like royalty.
-the pugs. They were so well behaved! No accidents in the house, they slept a good bit of the drive down and back, they didn't run off even though we kept them off leash at the house- and the grounds, while walled, still have open entrances. They loved it there and didn't want to leave!

And now: pictures! Click here first, then here.

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OMG Ike driving and he wasn't even wearing a seatbelt.